Zooming In

Thanks to the advancements of the world of technology we got the chance to practice our zooming in skills. What once used to be background noise of a busy scene, nowadays becomes point of detailed exploration at the tips of our fingers. With one gliding motion over your phone screen you can dial into the crevices of dry tree bark or get lost in the shimmering mosaic of insect’s eye. The whole world of peculiar intricacies emerged overnight.  The excitement fueled people’s artistic urges and they started sharing via social media their own little discoveries shot with their phones as they went on living their lives.

Prior to posting an image, the person would select the best picture of his own best life in that very best moment. Like that, one is less concerned with what the curious viewers of his work may think. Even if they decide to zoom in, everything is perfect in controlled fashion.

Even before the widespread use of modern phones we had other devices of zooming at out disposal. Telescopes opened the doors to zooming into the cosmos and microscopes into the world of microorganisms. Without them that  what was too far or too small would remain invisible. The invisibility because of the limitation of calibration of human senses did not deem them nonexistent.

In order to learn about the object of research we need to zoom it into our scientific attention and utilize the best equipment to observe its behavior. Scientific discoveries depend on the questions researcher wants to investigate.

The answer depends on the question.

Decades may pass and the obvious question may not be entertained in the scientific world. Knowledge may be accumulated that fits the paradigm of particular era, until in small steps, new thought process gets introduced and takes off the ground on the wings of enthusiasts  who see something in it.

All these microorganisms that live inside and on our bodies were ,until decade ago or so, forgotten and scientifically neglected.

Everyone knew they were there, but  the multitude of their complex activities and their influence on our health was out of focus and frankly, not zoomed in. In this exciting field of scientific research we are now starting to discover that microbiome has important role in pathogenesis, prognosis and response to treatment. As we learn more about this ecosystem within human body we may be able to use that knowledge to design individualized treatment plans and modify the diseases trajectory.

Lifestyle, diet, probiotics, prebiotics, can be used to modify the diversity of this community that is eagerly waiting to spring into action and restore our health and wellbeing.

Zooming into the world of microbiome will strip them of their privacy but will help us learn how to assist them in their potency.

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  1. Beautiful analysis of the microorganisms living within us. You do an amazing job of relating the everyday world to the workings of our personal bodies!

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