Bitten by Her Cat, Hit by Shopping Cart

Mary took the last sip of her Sunday morning coffee. She was still having that sugary after taste in her mouth, as she was looking at the advertisement in the  popular magazine promoting healthy bacteria loaded yogurt that can help you battle serious effects of exposure to antibiotics.

“Thanks God, I am so healthy!”, she thought to herself trying to remember when she last took any kind of antibiotic. She walked out of her cozy living room, put on brown leather worn in moccasins, grabbed her Toyota car keys and yelled  toward the kitchen : “Will be back soon! Don’t wait for me for breakfast!”

It was a long week for her and last night, tired and achy from not having time to exercise for days, she decided to treat herself with some alone time; go to her favorite dollar store and search for birthday party table decorations for her son. They have not yet decided on the theme, so , she thought, she might get some ideas.

Energized and enthusiastic she pulled the shopping cart that was stacked and lined up in a long line of carts waiting for customers to come.

” AAAAA!!!!”, Mary screamed , as she accidentally hit her ankle with all of her might on the metallic frame of the cart. Throbbing pain shook her from within, but she decided to brush it off and continue with her task. Birthday party was planned for the next weekend and she had no time to waste. She spent an hour searching for nylon table cover, paper plates, hats and napkins, all united as one in their support of the selected theme.

Her phone buzzed in the pocket notifying her of new text message, ‘Frisky is missing’, another one followed in seconds ‘ come home’. Mary rushed to the cashier with the cart full of party stuff, eager to pay as she texted back ‘ what do you mean, Frisky missing’. As the reply came back she had no time to read it, stuffing plastic bags on the back seat and starting the car.

She drove like crazy, through yellow lights bordering on red, you know how you drive when someone informs you that you cat is missing. Frisky was just fine ,cuddling with her this morning as she was enjoying her coffee and making plans for the day.

She rushed into her driveway where her son was anxiously waiting for her return.

“Mom! Frisky is at the neighbors!”

Without thinking and with the relief that he was not lost forever , Mary decisively walked toward the porch of her next door neighbor. She heard Frisky’s angry meowing and rushed to help.

There he was, that naughty child of a cat!

Fighting with Ford, her neighbor’s young and perky black cat.

“What got into you? ” she said as she reached toward Frisky to pick him up.

“AAAAAAAA”, Mary screamed as Frisky’s sharp teeth penetrated through her pants of already sore ankle that was pulsating ever since this morning she yanked it with the cart. Limping and bleeding from the wound,Mary handed Frisky in to her son and walked back home.

As the day progressed the pain in the ankle,  from the cart and the cat ,was getting more and more unbearable.

She said to her husband : ” Take me to the ER”.

And he did.

Couple of  hours later Mary walked out with the prescription for the antibiotic. She took the first pill that evening. As she was falling asleep, suddenly the advertisement she saw this morning flashed through her mind. She must get that yogurt in the morning to help her gut bacteria stay alive.

Antibiotics associated diarrhea is well known side effect of this class of drugs to many who had to take them. They kill bed guys but wipe out everything that comes their way leaving gut microbiome altered and depleted of its diversity for a long time to come.


2 thoughts on “Bitten by Her Cat, Hit by Shopping Cart”

  1. Very interesting blog post! You would think an animal which you take care of everyday would show some appreciation but instead, of all the places to get bit her cat chooses the ankle! One could almost say that the shopping cart marked her ankle as a target for her cat later in the story. Great Blog!

  2. It is unfortunate how many people have this happen to them; and how quickly things change! That very morning she’s talking about how healthy she is, the next moment she is being taken to the ER and started on antibiotics. Love the story line for this one.

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