Human body consists of trillions of human and microbial cells that live in symbiosis . Supraorganism or metaorganism is a collective of many different organisms that act together as one organic whole. Because of very important functions that the microbiome plays in the human body, it is sometimes referred to as hidden organ.

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Microbes - friends & family or enemy ?

Microbiome consists of many different species of  bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa that live on and inside human body and influence the immune system, digestion, nutrition, and mood. They are associated with many diseases . Diversity of microbiome and its robust function are essential for human health. Many factors influence the behavior of those microbes and decide weather they will act as friends or enemy.

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How many genomes do we have?

Human genome consists of about 20,000 protein coding genes. It is far outnumbered by the genes of the microbes that reside within the human biology. Those genes contribute to genetic diversity of the human as supraorganism and are sometimes referred to as second genome.

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All Roads Lead to Microbiome


Have you ever tried to lose weight? Tried every diet and exercise program out there ? Have you ever felt disappointed or ashamed that all your efforts did not bear any fruit? Has you heart ever sunk when the scale that morning did not budge ? Have you ever had to fight  middle of the night craving for chocolate? Did you need to take powerful medications for inflamed colon and wondered why they did not work?Have you ever wondered why your mind is foggy and body so tired?

Our modern society is swamped with chronic and degenerative disease . The statistics are documenting increasing numbers of people affected with diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer dementia to name only a few. If you are the one affected by the chronic disease,you no longer perceive these statistics as numbers.

Why ?

Because you are not a number!

You are living your disease. Not living with it!

Have you ever thought that you may be able to share the burden of blame and worry with those little germs that live forgotten and buried somewhere deep inside of you?

What if it's not only you ? Would you want to know more about the mysteries of the hidden world  of microbes and how the affect your health?

If yes, than you are at the right place!

By reading this blog you will learn why all roads lead to microbiome!




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